What is Drupal?

Drupal is a management system free, modular code web content, highly configurable multipurpose able to adapt to any business profile which makes it an excellent choice to implement all your digital ideas. Allows you to publish articles, images, files, and also offers the possibility of other added services such as forums, surveys, polls, blogs and user management and permissions among others.

Drupal is a dynamic system instead of storing their content in static files on the server file system permanently, the textual content of the pages and other settings are stored in a database and edited using a Web environment.

It is a free program with GNU / GPL, written in PHP, combined with MySQL, developed and maintained by an active community of users. It is notable for the quality of their code and generated pages, respect for web standards, and a special emphasis on usability and consistency of the whole system.

Why Choose it?

  • Business Tool: Able to create a tool for any of your specific business needs. Other CMS can put some technical restrictions, but Drupal is a base for unlimited solutions.
  • Friendly: Easy to use through its revamped interface for both builders and site editors
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  • Flexible: Sets the data model according to your needs
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  • Scalable: Being highly scalable, Drupal websites easily can manage high traffic and ensure the sustainability of traffic and content growth
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  • Free Code: has a very large active community around the world, thousands of people continuously working to improve Drupal
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  • Security The community works to detect vulnerabilities and deploy them to make the highly reliable system
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  • Responsive Design: Drupal facilitates the implementation of a responsive design and guarantees its users a friendly experience, no matter from the device is accessed

Who uses it?

Drupal is used by more than 1,000,000 websites worldwide, below are some examples: